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My brother was in a car accident today...

2014-07-03 19:08:43 by Andrea364

So really, I have no idea what's going to happen with me. Just a heads up.


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2014-07-03 20:20:00

I pray that your brother survives and you cope with what is happening.

Andrea364 responds:

Thanks. I appreciate it. He should be alright, but the initial collision was rather severe. Completely totaled his truck and gave him whiplash, among a couple other injuries. I just recently heard from him that someone ran a red light at 60 mph, plowed into him, and shoved him over into two lanes of oncoming traffic, where a few other collisions occurred. He just was released from the hospital a little earlier. I'll have pictures up when they come in.


2014-07-03 21:21:12

Very sorry to hear this. Is he in hospital now, or was he treated and released? Hope he wasn't at fault... the cops love to favor the older driver :\

Andrea364 responds:

He was finally released earlier today, but the accident was this morning; thankfully, he wasn't at fault, but I'm just glad he isn't dead, really. It'd kill mom; he's the middle child and her only son, 36 now, I think. Anyway, the driver's seat was pushed into the console from the impact, and only 1 wheel managed to stay intact and on his truck. It surprises me that the idiot running that red light didn't kill him based on that alone. :/


2014-07-03 22:45:09

The initial impact wasn't so bad, but my car spun a little over 360 degrees, and knocked me into the driver's door very hard! Knocked the air out of me so bad, it blew my eardrum (took 3 ENT's before the 4th one told me that's what happened!). The deep bruises took almost a week before there was crippling pain, came on so suddenly, watch for it; no need to go back to the hospital like I did |: Start looking for a lawyer, the other guy's insurance company is liable for loss of income, pain and suffering...

Andrea364 responds:

That's insane o.o But I'm glad you're alright now. My brother is currently in dialogs with a lawyer, but I'm not sure if we even really have a clue what's going on. I'm getting the info third-hand. So far, I've heard that he's got some deep bruising and is stiff as a board.