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So I'm stuck at home -- yet somehow busy all the time.

2014-07-12 00:40:11 by Andrea364

I haven't even left the house for the past week, well, barring taking out the trash, and I've been busy from morning 'til night and vice versa every day since! How is that? My "sister" is over, and she'll be here 2 weeks. That, and I've been playing Tribal Wars W74 pretty hardcore, and things are getting interesting.

About the "sister" over for 2 weeks business though, she's actually my niece, but we were raised together and kinda forgot about that part -- not important when you're functionally siblings anyway, pulling each other's hair and competing for resources like attention and milk early on. She's actually super cool despite that I was a jealous bitch as a kid, and we totally love-hated each other, and she always got me in trouble, haha. Anyway, before yesterday, I hadn't seen her since Christmas; it's pretty awesome having her back. Can't believe she's going to be a senior this year! But I'll explain the in between another day.

About W74, my addiction, she must think I'm high on amphetamines, because I've been playing this game morning, night, and sometimes in the wee hours of twilight, sending attacks, supports, organizing my tribe, messaging people -- just straight up crazy. It's the reason I have a skype, actually. >.> I even dream about it. If you're looking for a way you can catch me any time of day, essentially, hit that link, because I haven't done a damn thing else besides the daily essentials since we've been seeing some action over there -- can't say specifics because I'm not sure if anyone from there will follow the link from my profile here and get valuable info, but you know what I'm getting at.

I almost feel bad, my Deviant Art and Tumblr blogs (Links over there on the left, in the contact list) haven't seen any action for the past few days, and I haven't written much music with my sis here. Speaking of which, does anyone play Borderlands 2, Final Fantasy XIII, or Elder Scrolls (specifically Oblivion and Skyrim)? I also write fanfiction in my spare time -- just as something to do and practice for novelization.

/end random spout of thoughts

Here's a picture of my sister/niece and I looking fabulous.

Check out the twins, yo. and my cool Dead Pool shirt and boxers xD


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2014-07-12 02:45:05

It's good to get a little sun each day....

Andrea364 responds:

But I'll melt!


2014-07-12 04:37:04

Hey, there's soft serve ice cream out there, it's worth the risk!

Andrea364 responds:

Plenty of time for that at band camp :P